About Our Union

WAPOU is the professional voice of prison officers in WA, and is a trade union registered under the Western Australian Industrial Relations Act 1979.

Most of WAPOU’s members work within the public sector, with a membership rate of over 95% of all potential members in the public sector. Membership is at over 75% of the potential membership in the private sector. This means that WAPOU is highly representative of prison officers in WA and is strongly supported by its members, as was evidenced during the state wide industrial action taken in 2013.

WAPOU is also the professional voice for prison officers in relation to matters of professional practice. WAPOU speaks to matters of public policy as they might affect prison officers. Prison officers in the public sector are barred under Clause 22 of the Prisons Regulations 1982, from speaking about matters they become aware of in the course of their duties. WAPOU is able on their behalf to vocalise their concerns about all work related issues.

Western Australia’s Prison Officers work with the state’s most violent criminals, and every day they face dangerous risks and chronic levels of overcrowding in the state’s prison facilities.

These dedicated officers help keep our community safe and deserve a fair pay deal for the work they do and the risks they face.

Respect the Risk is a campaign to recognise and protect the rights of all WA Prison Officers working in the public and private sector prisons by advocating for a better recognition of the serious risks faced by Western Australia’s Prison Officers. You can learn more about the Respect the Risk campaign by clicking here.