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Media Releases

Second unit closed at Eastern Goldfields Regional Prison due to failure to attract and retain staff

The WA Prison Officers’ Union’s warning of another unit closure at Eastern Goldfields Regional Prison has come to pass. The Department of Justice made the announcement to staff on Monday that Unit 3 would be temporarily closed.  40 beds i ...

WAPOU supporting female equity in WA prisons

The WA Prison Officers’ Union is delivering in support of women’s equality in the workplace by sending two of our members to the Women in Male Dominated Occupations and Industries (WIMDOI) conference in November. It is the first time WA fem ...

Brave prison officers taken to hospital after cell fire

The WA Prison Officers’ Union has praised the brave work of a number of prison officers who risked their own lives to remove a prisoner from a cell fire. Prisoner officers at Bandyup Women’s Prison attended the fire this afternoon after a pris ...