Prison Officers Union and Government negotiate successful ‘in principle’ wage deal

Thursday 02 May 2013

The WA Prison Officers Union (WAPOU) and State Government have reached an ‘in principle’ wage deal following months of negotiation and widespread industrial action.

Union Secretary John Welch congratulated his members on their efforts to get appropriate recognition of the risk they faced every time they worked in the state’s prison facilities.

“The wage deal bargained between the union, State Government and the Department will deliver real benefit for the prison officers of WA,” Mr Welch said today.

“The ‘in principle’ wage deal is a pragmatic step forward for a better prison system.

“Our delegates are pleased with the outcome of negotiations and are confident that what we have on the table is the best deal possible at this time.

“On behalf of prison officers, I want to thank the WA community for their solid support and their willingness to learn more about the dangerous job carried out by officers every day,” Mr Welch.