Department of Justice Prison Officers Industrial Agreement 2018

Friday 22 Feb 2019

Dear Member,

I am writing to you to advise that the Department of Justice Prison Officers Industrial Agreement 2018 was registered in the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission yesterday, 20th February 2019. The Department of Justice have advised that associated pay rise increments and back pay have been programmed for the first pay period in March (7th March 2019).

In addition to the above I also advise of an increase of $1.00 per fortnight to the Union fees. This increase, the first increase in fees since August 2015, was approved by the State Council at the 2-Day Conference held on Thursday 27th and Friday 28th July 2017.

Commencing in March the Western Australian Prison Officers Union will be donating to two significant funds and organisations

The WA Prison Officers Crisis Relief Fund.

Many officers over the years have suffered significant injury or illness to either themselves or members of their immediate family which has caused them severe financial hardship. WAPOU have on occasion received application from these members or work colleagues to assist them in their time of need but unfortunately our rules have simply not enabled this to occur. Commencing in March 2019 the WA Prison Officers Crisis Relief Fund will be available to WAPOU members (who have been members of WAPOU for at least 12 months continuous prior to application) who are in need of temporary financial assistance. WAPOU have initially established the fund (originally the Peter Strauch fund) and will make donations to it equivalent to 50 cents per member per fortnight.

Applications to the fund will be assessed on their merit in accordance with the rule of the trust which will be available on the WAPOU website. I am sure all members will agree that this is a fantastic initiative and I can assure you is envied by other representative Prison Officer Unions.

The Retired Prison Officers Association.

In 1992 Officers from Fremantle Prison established the Retired Prison Officers Association to recognise a very unique group of employees. As a prison officer you work in a stressful and dangerous environment unlike any other. Upon retirement an Officer leaves the workplace but, unlike any other job, is unable to return at any time to see or talk to any previous work colleague. The RPOA was established to recognise this and operates through a group of volunteers to organise social functions during the year where retired officers can meet over a lunch, dinner or a few drinks with other retired officers from around Western Australia. Contributions from WAPOU will ensure the continuation of this Association and enable retired prison officers to participate in social gathering for many years into the future. Members of WAPOU can enquire of the Association through the Union office and upon retirement will automatically receive an invitation to join.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members for their continued support of WAPOU. The Union on your behalf has made significant advancements in a number of areas including becoming a Registered Training Organisation which will soon be offering discounted Certificate IV training opportunities in addition to our current Occupational Safety and Health training, Mental Health training and First Aid Training for officers and their families.

Please take the opportunity to check the WAPOU website which is constantly being updated with news and information from companies that support and sponsor WAPOU members.

Yours sincerely,

Andy Smith



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