Hakea Meal Breaks - TOIL Issue

Friday 04 Sep 2020

Officers who accrued TOIL during the lengthy Hakea meal breaks dispute and have since transferred to other prisons, are now able to acquit that TOIL.

An instruction has recently been issued by the Deputy Commissioner regarding officers from prisons other than Hakea who accrued TOIL because of missed second meal breaks while working at Hakea.

That instruction requires the relevant Superintendent to facilitate a plan with the impacted officer(s). That plan will indicate when the hours owed will be taken. The expectation of the Deputy Commissioner is that hours owed specifically for the second missed meal break will be taken by the end of this calendar year.

Hakea officers with outstanding TOIL balances relating to the Hakea meal breaks dispute will also be required to make a plan with the Superintendent to acquit that TOIL by the end of the year.

Should affected members have any issues in facilitating a plan with their respective Superintendents to acquit TOIL accrued during the Hakea meal breaks dispute, they should email paulledingham@wapou.asn.au in the first instance.