Industrial Agreement Update (Public Prisons)

Thursday 08 Nov 2018

Discussions have slowed on the new Industrial Agreement, despite in-principle agreement being reached in June.

The issue that remains is clause 18.12 which relates back to the days of 8-hour shifts and shift handovers.

18.12 - The handover time existing as at 1 September 1985 between Officers for the purpose of effecting the customary rotation of shifts shall be conducted in an Officer's own time without payment in addition to the Officer's Annualised Salary.

WAPOU’s position is that the clause no longer applies and if enacted by the Department, it would essentially require officers to work for an unspecified period of time for no pay.

WAPOU have made clear that there will be no agreement while the clause remains, while the Department’s negotiation team are reluctant to remove the clause.

An update will be provided to members should the situation change. Back-pay is still locked in to 11 June 2018 but will not be processed until the agreement is registered with the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission.