Respect the Role

Thursday 14 Mar 2019

Many of WAPOU’s Elected Representatives do vast amounts of unpaid work, attending meetings on their days off and advocating tirelessly for the benefit of all WAPOU members.

The newly registered public sector Industrial Agreement provides protections for Elected Representatives, with the Department required to recognise that:

  • “… under the Union’s rules, Elected Representatives represent members within the Union” and;
  • “… Elected Representatives in the workplace are not to be threatened or disadvantaged in any way as a result of their role as a Union Representative”.

WAPOU will not tolerate Elected Representatives being targeted by Senior Managers within the Department, we have recently had cause to lodge an unprecedented number of disputes on this basis.

The issue is also being felt at Acacia and Melaleuca, where we currently have vacancies in all Delegate positions.

It is time for all within the State’s prisons to “Respect the Role” Elected Representatives play in the workplace.

Current and prospective WAPOU Representatives, in both public and private prisons, should be assured that they have the full backing of the Union’s leadership, resources, industrial strength, legal team and membership.

Now more than ever, we are calling members to show support and appreciation to their Elected Representatives, so they are encouraged to continue working hard for all members.

This can be done by simply respecting the role they play.

You might also consider putting your hand up to help at a Branch Committee level.

You might even consider nominating to fill a Delegate vacancy at your prison.

WAPOU regularly run a free three-day Course for prospective Delegates and Committee members. Contact WAPOU Training Officer Bodie Green to register your interest.

WAPOU Industrial Officers are also a great source of information if you have any questions about becoming more active within your Union.