Verbal updates from Branch Representatives to February State Council

Wednesday 13 Mar 2019


No delegate present.


No delegate present.


  • High levels of VSO vacancies causing staffing problems
  • Relationship with management is positive


  • Three Superintendents in past four weeks
  • Two active disputes regarding breaches of Standing Order E6, both look headed to Stage 2
  • One active dispute regarding the targeting of an elected representative, escalated to Stage 2
  • Discussion took place regarding recent high profile incidents at BWP and the subsequent responses from the Department
  • Nil engagement with local Branch from BWP management regarding reintroduction of overtime restrictions


No delegate present.


  • Ongoing infrastructure works involving asbestos causing safety concerns
  • Meetings with the contractors have been requested
  • Nil engagement with local Branch from Broome management regarding reintroduction of overtime restrictions
  • Access to single day annual leave an ongoing issue
  • Staffing issues are being resolved


  • Building works ongoing
  • Concerns raised regarding vehicle movements during prisoner recreation
  • Staffing level agreement discussions ongoing
  • Two Bunbury specific ELTPs starting in May (one in Bunbury, one at Academy)
  • Discussion took place regarding local urinalysis policy and its impact on resources
  • Potential for changes to shift start times and meal breaks
  • Nil engagement with local Branch from Bunbury management regarding reintroduction of overtime restrictions
  • Two active disputes regarding breaches of Standing Order E6, with both at Stage 2



  • Staffing level agreement discussions for new units ongoing
  • High levels of absences due to worker’s compensation causing staffing issues
  • Potential changes to leave roster being discussed at a Branch level


  • Report provided regarding the recent incident involving the attack dog
  • Recent personnel changes discussed
  • DDU course scheduled for September 2019
  • Discussion around proposal from management to add the drug and alcohol testing of staff to the JDFs of DDU Officers

Eastern Goldfields

  • Members still awaiting outcome of attraction and retention discussions
  • Staffing level agreement discussions for unit 5 commencing
  • Discussion around Standing Order E6 breaches with management asking staff to perform dual roles
  • No LCC was held in February


No delegate present.


  • Relationship with new Superintendent strained largely due to his unwillingness to consult
  • Elected representatives are constantly being challenged, questioned and threatened while carrying out their functions, with the issue being the subject of an ongoing stage 2 dispute
  • Staffing level agreement discussions being held up by the Superintendent
  • Recent flu outbreak causing muster pressure
  • Approximately ten hazard notices lodged recently, many in relation to prisoner restraint equipment and chemical agent


  • Staffing level agreement discussions delayed
  • Single Officer escorts an on-going issue
  • Water testing came back clear. Delegates hopeful of process changes to ensure consistency of water quality testing and accountability
  • Duress alarms in remote areas of the farm now the subject of a WorkSafe investigation and recommendation. Issue also raised at PCC


No delegate present.


  • A couple of VSO vacancies causing issues
  • Relationship with current management is positive


  • Staffing shortages due to secondments, worker’s compensation and purchased leave causing issues
  • Ongoing issues with adherence to Standing Order E6
  • Recent hot weather has seen a spike in incidents
  • Non-compliant prisoners in transit being returned to prison causing issues


No delegate present.


  • Gatehouse handover imminent
  • No agreement reached on Staffing Level Agreement with the Master Control Room the area of disagreement
  • The new structured day has issues
  • Management are failing to consult appropriately

West Kimberley

  • Commissioner visited recently
  • Security concerns with cottages currently being addressed
  • Night checks are now being conducted in an enclosed vehicle
  • Trial of climate appropriate uniforms about to commence


  • Staffing level agreement awaiting sign-off
  • Kitchen upgrade due to be completed by end of March
  • Muster currently down due to recent flu outbreak
  • Discussions to commence on replacement Standing Order E6

Work Camps

No delegate present.