Verbal updates from Branch Representatives to October State Council

Thursday 08 Nov 2018


No delegate present.


No delegate present.


No delegate present.


  • Current dispute involving application of Standing Order E6 and reduction in services when VSOs redeployed.
  • Some officers are being redeployed up to seven times during a single shift.
  • OHS concerns regarding lack of emergency egress, barrier controls and restraint equipment.
  • Discussion around Unit 1 becoming a ‘mental health unit’.
  • Issues regarding availability of staff meals.
  • Discussion around application of Policy Directive 26 in relation to pat searches.


  • No current issues.


  • Current disputes regarding funeral escorts and peak muster position on nights.
  • Dispute regarding 80 hour orientation resolved.
  • Staffing issues requiring further recruitment and the actioning of transfers.
  • No recreation being run currently due to infrastructure works.
  • Ongoing coronial inquiry into death in custody.


  • Issues covering vacancies on overtime.
  • Unit 5 opening delayed due to high number of vacancies.
  • The new build has got off to a slow start.
  • A number of minor disputes.
  • A dispute has been lodged regarding non-compliance with Standing Order E6.
  • Operation Contra has resurfaced under a new name, causing an increase in workload.


  • No current disputes.
  • LCCs running well.
  • Issues covering shifts on overtime leading to daily shortages and a reliance on Standing Order E6.
  • Approximately 60 Casuarina Officers are currently on Workers’ Compensation.
  • There has been a marked increase in assaults on staff.


  • Discussion around the Department’s the possible introduction of ‘General Purpose Dogs’.
  • New Zealand has made advancements in the detection of synthetic cannabis.
  • Discussion around on-body camera trial.
  • Possibility of Officers being issued iPads for use in prisons.
  • A push for the DDU to be utilised in the drug and alcohol testing of prisoners.

Eastern Goldfields

  • Discussion around recent media coverage in Kalgoorlie around staffing issues and current capacity (front page of the Kalgoorlie Miner, TV and radio).
  • An update on the need for an attraction and retention package.
  • There have been up to 18 mattresses on the floor in unit 1 in recent weeks.
  • A good outcome was reached in a stage 2 dispute regarding staffing in Unit 3.
  • Vacant VSO positions are slowly getting filled.
  • Three assaults on staff in October.
  • Commissioner Hassall met with staff Tuesday 30 October regarding attraction and retention.
  • 90 of EGRP’s 137 Officers are currently on transfer lists.


  • Local management pushing for an increase in unlock hours as repairs progress.
  • Infrastructure slowly coming back online.
  • Second group of seconded prison officers now in place.
  • Several payroll issues for first group of secondees slowly getting resolved.
  • Discussion around the return of female prisoners in the aftermath of the riot.
  • Several Officers are yet to return to work following the riot. Some may not return at all.


  • Both the Minister and the Commissioner have recently visited Hakea.
  • Infrastructure works in Unit 8 have reduced prison capacity.
  • Discussion around the current Staffing Level Agreement negotiations.
  • The Department are looking to withdraw SOG Officers from the Pod. This will result in massive training requirements for Hakea officers.


  • Entire management team are currently acting in their respective roles.
  • Issues with Officers being denied representation during investigation interviews.
  • Issues with PDAs being out-of-range in some areas of the prison.
  • Recent issues regarding an outbreak of ‘swine flu’.
  • Ongoing issues with water quality.
  • Discussion around Job Share and overtime.


No delegate present.


  • No substantive management (all acting).
  • 3 VSOs short and one officer short.
  • Potential muster increase of 15.


  • Security Manager recently walked off-site following a series of concerns raised by WAPOU members.
  • Emerging OHS issue regarding building works in the kitchen and discovery of asbestos.


  • Currently short-staffed and an advertisement has been published for external recruitment.
  • Operation Intercept is causing a reduction in response capabilities during nightshifts.
  • Ongoing issues with SOG management regarding changing the hours of duty for officers.
  • Ongoing issues regarding requirement to perform handover in own time.


No delegate present.

West Kimberley

No delegate present.


  • Several disputes resolved while substantive Superintendent was on annual leave.
  • Potential muster increase of 48.
  • Issues with new prisoner accommodation discussed.

Work Camps

No delegate present.